On Friday April 26th  the Belgium Roland-Garros eSeries by BNP Paribas’ national final took place.

The players, qualified through the online tournament held two weeks before, faced each at RTBF studios in Brussels. Matches lasted the entire evening and were broadcast on RTBF’s eSport channel, TARMAC, on Twitch.  Benjamin DECEUNINCK, the famous Roland-Garros Belgian sportscaster and Florian CASTELLI brilliantly commentated.

Guillaume Monoyer won the national final by prevailing over Bart “Casabartos” Cardoen in his last match (3-0 / 3-1). However, his talent and will to win were really tested in the semifinal. He competed against Marc “Daeeeh” Kruppa, the winner of the online tournament. The battle was intense as the two players fought to get their ticket to the final.  The match ended with a very long Super tie-break.

As the winner of the Belgium offline national final, Guillaume gets a 300 € cash prize and his ticket to the International final, that will be held in Roland-Garros stadium on June 8th and 9th. There, he will compete against 11 players, each of them representing his/her own country.

Guillaume Monoyer, 23 years old, is a marketing student.

Below, Guillaume’s interview right after his victory:

How did you feel about this finale?

Let's say the player that scared me the most was clearly in the semifinals. He's in the top 10 in the online ranking, I often play online against him and he usually beats me, so let’s say that I had a weight off my shoulders when I beat him. During the final, in the second set, my opponent started to understand my game, so it was tricky but I still managed to win.

For the grand finale, do you plan a special training?

My special training will consist of inviting friends at home, bring them blankets and chips and then start playing!

Is there a player or a country that scares you?

I had the chance to play a little against Fatih who won in Germany. He is a very good player. Now anyways, all the players who will be qualified will be good players. I do not fear any specific country since each player will be good.  

What do you think more generally about the eSport scene on games like TWT?

It is just great to see that the smaller games, those who are a little less played, have a place in eSport and that we can compete and win tournaments. Since I clearly wanted to play, I would have been disappointed not to have a tournament on TWT. It is nice that all the games start to slowly make it into eSport tournaments and it gives us the opportunity to watch beautiful things happening. We see more and more of eSports, with entire stadiums filled with fans and huge cash prizes. I do not think it will take the same place as traditional sport, but it clearly has a bright future.