Last weekend, on March 2nd, took place the first qualifying phase of the RG eSeries.

The Spanish players had the honor of opening the tournament! After an entire afternoon of competition, Mesa “Melo15” Ivan prevailed over his opponents. As the winner, he earns the 150 € cash prize and gets to go to the Offline national final where he will be the one to beat.

There, at the Offline National Final (set on March 15th in Madrid) he will face the 7 other finalists of the online leg of the tournament.

The winner of this National Final will get the 300€ cash prize and a ticket for the grand finale of the Roland-Garros eSeries by BNP Paribas. It will take place at Roland-Garros, in the actual stadium where tennis history is being written every year. He/she will compete against 11 players, each of them representing his/her own country

‘Carlos Che’, the winner of the 2018 RG eSeries, competed on March 2nd. He got to the online final, but lost it. However, he will have the opportunity to redeem himself and try to get his seat for the International Final. As one of the 7 finalists of the online leg, he will be competing.

Below, Carlos Che’s interview:

What did you think when you heard about the second edition of the Roland-Garros eSeries by BNP Paribas?

I was very happy, because last year was an unforgettable experience and having the opportunity to live this again would be incredible.
What do you expect from this new edition?
I have already passed the first qualifying, and I would have to win in Madrid to be able to go to Paris. I lost the final of the online qualifier because the level was pretty good and it’s going to be difficult to win again. But I will try to do my best.
You have been defeated for the first time, how are you going to face the Spanish final? Any special training?

As it is an offline tournament, I'll try to be as offensive as possible to be able to win those three games that I need to get back in Paris!
It was the first time we organized an online tournament. What did you think about the online qualification matches? From what I understood, you are more comfortable in offline while Saturday's winner, Melo, is a regular online player. What’s the difference for you?

The difference is that the way to play online is different than offline, meaning that the game itself is different in one way than in another. I feel more comfortable in offline and also, I think that I can perform better under pressure. It might give me some advantage in the tournament in Madrid. And there is the key.
What do you think about the Roland-Garros edition of Tennis World Tour that you discovered on Saturday?

Playing in the new Phillipe-Chatrier was gorgeous, I hope to see it in person this June 9 in the final in Paris.